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Saturday Mornings: Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy in the same way that we would like ours to be respected. We have the following policies in place to ensure that any personal data you may sent to Saturday Mornings remains confidential.

Any e-mails that you send directly to the site may be stored off-line for reference purposes. We will never use your e-mail address for any other purpose than for contacting you in direct reply to your message. Your e-mail address will never be made available to a third party.

Other Services
We may make other services available on Saturday Mornings that require you to input personal details and/or those of other people. These details will only be used for the procedure to complete the requested service at the time of request and will never be stored electronically or passed to a third party.

We may use cookies to store information on your computer about the user's preferences to enable appropriate content to be displayed.
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