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2003 to 2006Dick and Dom in da Bungalow
 Data Sheet 
 Bungalow Games 
 Celebrity Bungalow Heads 
 Media Gallery 
 Comic Relief 
 Top Ten Games 
 Publicity Cards 
Go, Go Dick and Dom...
The Saturday Show was given a rest in September 2003, after two solid years on air, to be replaced by the successful CBBC Channel show Dick and Dom in da Bungalow.

Broadcast as a simulcast on the CBBC Channel, the show was initially a 'celebrity-free' zone of total chaos and gunge. The main idea is that children who visited the bungalow (they were better known as 'Bungalow Heads') took part in messy and disgusting games to earn bungalow points.

The two former stalwarts of CBBC afternoons had a cult following and this was quite a different show for the slot.

  About  About the show that escaped from the CBBC Channel.

  Data Sheet  Who, what, where? The data sheet tells all.

  Bungalow Games  What games have they played? Here's a list... of some of them.

  Celebrity Bungalow Heads  So, which celebs have been let in to da bungalow. Here's another list.

  Media Gallery  See the some of the antics from the bungalow.

  Comic Relief  Comic Relief 2005 brought about a week of celeb fun, read about it in our feature.

  Top Ten Games  Over the last ten weeks of the show, the boys chose their top ten all time favourite games.
Here's the list and the titles that accompanied each one.

  Publicity Cards  See our collection of the show's Publicity Cards.
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