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2001 to 2005The Saturday Show
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 The Team 
 Media Gallery 
 Publicity Cards 
Taking a Risk...
After the rather tired Live & Kicking closed down after it's eighth series, the Saturday morning show returned from Scotland back to it's spiritual home - Studio 6 at Television Centre.

Saturday 22 September 2001 saw the launch of a new brand of Saturday morning entertainment, namely The Saturday Show. Described as 'The ultimate participation show' it was branded as 'cheeky, rude, loud and very risky'!

The show was a radical departure from the normal Saturday Morning which was really what became the problem with the show.

  About  About the fifth incarnation to occupy the Saturday Morning slot.

  Data Sheet  Who, what, where? The data sheet tells all.

  The Team  Catch up with the faces who have fronted the show.

  Media Gallery  The show that got through four title sequences in a relatively short time...

  Bumpers  An early graphical device used to join the show together. Shaaawwing!

  Publicity Cards  See our collection of the show's Publicity Cards.
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