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1982 to 1987Saturday SuperStore
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Get Down to the SuperStore...
There was no doubt about it - Swap Shop was going to be a tough act to follow, but the BBC's new replacement programme was up to the task.

Basically by just altering the format slightly, a whole new show was created - Saturday SuperStore. The main differences between this and its predecessor was its 'themeing' and the lack of the 'swapping' element.

The main presenter of the show, or the 'General Manager' as he was known, was, again, the then host of the Radio 1 breakfast show Mike Read. Keith Chegwin was the show's 'Delivery Boy' who spent time out on the road with the Delivery Van and latterly in the show's run alternating into the studio based 'Warehouse'.

  About  Find out about the show that brought 'shopping' to Saturday Mornings.

  Data Sheet  Who, what, where? The data sheet tells all.

  Media Gallery  Video from the Store, and its spin-off music show.

  Stills Gallery  A selection of stills from the Superstore.

  Publicity Cards  See our collection of the show's Publicity Cards.
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