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Filling the Gap...
This section of Saturday Mornings looks at the other programmes that have brodacast in the slot between the series of the seven main programmes, and since the last TMi.

The summer was when the main programmes took a break, and the gap left by their absence had to be filled. Various programmes and formats were tried over the years, with some being far more successful than others - and at least one that should just be forgotten about... They had the almost impossible task of gap filling - and in some cases had us counting off the weeks until the main programme returned.

Since 2007 the summer replacement disappeared and TMi went onto a short series opening up the slot for normal CBBC programming, but there have been a few regular programmes specifically tailored for Saturday mornings.
  The Summer Shows  Remember the summer shows then? Here's what was going on when the main programmes
were taking a rest.

  Media Gallery  Music and video from the shows.

  Publicity Cards  See our collection of the shows' Publicity Cards.
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