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It Started With Swap Shop...
At 9.30am on Saturday, 2 October 1976, the face of Saturday morning television changed forever as the BBC launched The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop.

Compared to the normal menu that had been used this was new and radical. A live three-hour (OK, 2¾ hour...) programme with pop music, cartoons, live phone-ins, an outside broadcast and much more was ambitious and brave - but the BBC pulled it off and a new type of television was born.

Originally planned for 6 shows, little did we know at that point that Swap Shop would run for 6 years and a total of 146 editions. It would spawn it's own awards show, two supergroups, several specials, four books and a top twenty hit single!

  About  It started with Swap Shop. Find out about the show that set the ball rolling.

  Data Sheet  Who, what, where? The data sheet tells all.

  Media Gallery  Time warp back and relive music and video clips from the show.

  Stills Gallery  A selection of stills that should revive memories of the Swappie.

  Star Awards  Who won an Eric, and in which year?

  Harry Copter  Remember Swap Shop's most curious Collector? Here's Harry Copter!

  Brown Sauce  Video, stills and facts about the unlikeliest group to enter the Top 20.

  Swap Trek  To boldly go where no Saturday Morning show would ever go again...

  Last Show Script  See the entire camera script from the last ever Swap Shop.

  Rock Garden Party  Details of the 1978 spring bank holiday event, with exclusive pictures.

  Publicity Cards  See our collection of the show's Publicity Cards.
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