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 Publicity Cards 
Too Much Information...
TMi became the seventh programme to occupy the official Saturday Morning slot when it began its run on 16 September 2006.

Originally TMi was broadcast from a studio at MTV which overlooked Leicester Square in London, and was the first show to add a 'reality television' twist to the mix with the TMi Flat.

The start of TMi saw the return to Saturday mornings of a show more like Live & Kicking than The Saturday Show. The mix of games, guests, cartoons and music videos was very familiar Saturday morning fare.

  About  About the show that brought reality television to Saturday Mornings, then made it all personal.

  Data Sheet  Who, what, where? The data sheet tells all.

  The Team  About the show's trio of presenters.

  Media Gallery  Trailer and footage from TMI and, sshhh, The Secret Show.

  Publicity Pictures 2007  A set of publicity pictures created for the launch of the 2007 series.

  Be My Friend  During the 2007 series each team member tried to get viewers to support them a 'friend'.

  Publicity Cards  See our collection of the show's Publicity Cards.
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